Wesley Cafe Miradouro Sharon

Wesley & Sharon run the best bar in the area. The hub of social activity in Avo, Wesley & Sharon organize live music every week throughout the summer. Most weekends there is a cook up and Fridays gives you the opportunity to practice your Karaoke.

Serving a wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks; local beer as well as European specials along side stronger spirits and coffee. Cafe Miradouro is perfectly located by the busy and popular river beach in Avo and accommodated within a beautiful granite building.

Wesley & Sharon manage and steer the bar cafe and are experienced and professional publicans. The bar is very active due to the enthusiasm of both Wesley & Sharon to organize events and attend to the ever changing needs of their customs. Summer is very different to the winter months, no matter, the bar and cafe is open 6 days a week attracting locals as well as tourists.


  • Friday night is Karaoke!
  • Usually a cook up on Sundays.
  • Check Facebook for our regular live music.