For Sale


Price: €199,000 subject to negotiation and due diligence.

We have been running our guest house for nearly 20 years and have enjoyed it very much, we love it. However, it is now time for us to retract our interests and focus on our organic farm business and Helder's burgeoning rock star music career.

The guest house is set up as an un-manned hostel or to say, traditional Portugese lodgings - pensao. There are six operational rooms and two additional that are not currently used. There are three rooms with shower cabins and hand-wash basins and three use the communal washing facilities. There is a kitchen that would benefit from modernisation and could be used as a communal hostel kitchen. Additionally there are two separate toilets and a central shower. The breakfast room is large and used for guests to prepare their breakfasts and for use by local meeting groups.

The Guest House

Ground floor: cafe and restaurant with 120m2

First floor: 110m2 floor area, access via an antique granite staircase, entrance hall with a nice spacious hall. From the hallway you reach the bright living room with two French doors leading to balconies, which give a beautiful view of the Alva River. In the living room there is a wood burning stove. There is also a kitchen with access door to the street, separate toilet, bathroom and two currently unused bedrooms with balconies and views over the river beach.

Second floor: There are 6 spacious bedrooms. Three of them with shower cabins and wash sinks. In the hall there is the communal bathroom, separate toilet and storage. The total floor area of the 2nd floor is 110m2. There is still a spacious attic with storage space.

Along the granite stairs, there is a small planted garden with 35m2.

General information

The bar downstairs is one of the best and most active in the area. It is well laid out with a comfortable yet atmospheric interior. Very popular during the summer months amongst both visitors and locals. During the winter it is primarily frequented by locals. Currently it is run by a professional Dutch couple - Wesley & Sharon - who rent the bar. They may be willing to continue running the bar once Pensao Miradouro is sold.

Avo is well located as a destination due to the popular river beach opposite. Therefore the summer months find Pensao Miradouro fully booked and the bar buzzing all week. Even although, for many years we have not promoted the guest house for the winter seasons we recognise there is enormous possibilities to increase occupancy rates.

The area supports a true traditional Portuguese way of life.

Local Life

The Pensao Miradouro building has a long history, built more than 100 years ago during the 1800's as a residence. Only relatively recently the house was transformed into a guest house. Many authentic details remain. The guesthouse is built out of big blocks of granite and has a wonderful view of the Picoto, the small island in the River Alva.

Pensao Miradouro will be sold as a functioning business including all fixtures and fittings, along with all necessary licenses, all fire and safety certificates and correct business paperwork. With the layout of the building there are a lot of opportunities, including converting the building back to a residence or a full hostel.


    Energy Performance Certificate

  • Click on the EPC image to download the certificate for Pensao Miradouro
  • Further certification and drawings available on request.


  • Alojamento Local licence
  • Bar licence
  • Habitation Licence
  • Restaurant Licence
  • Licence to enjoy Portugal


marianna, Avo, Portugal
Marianna Johanna Jansen CorreiaBottle Washer & Boss

Farmer, mother, cleaner, receptionist, social butterfly and business woman. Married to long suffering rock star, Helder, they live on their organic farm the other side of Avo. Dutch by birth and upbringing but now widely considered an honorary Portuguese. Speaks Portuguese, Dutch, English and Spanish

Helder, Avo, Portugal
Helder Pechorro CorreiaRock Star Farmer

Known locally as the finest organic farmer in the area, tending the family quinta. However, after dark Helder becomes an international rock star heading off to play his trumpet. Helder grows the families food and sells vegetables at local markets. Speaks Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish, French and after a few drinks, other strange tongues.

Tricky, Estrela Mountain Dog, Avo, Portugal
TrickyFood Supervisor

Family pet and general helper around the farm; digs up seedlings just after they are planted and washing grubby visitors with the best licks in town. Tricky is a Estrela Mountain Dog, used traditionally as a herd-guarding dogs in the Serra da Estrela. However this one could not fight its way out of a damp cardboard box.

Family sheep, Avo, Portugal
SheepChewing Detachment

Been on gardening leave since the day he was born. Manages the grass cutting and general weed clearing department. Amply supported by goat, they fearlessly chew their way through an unrelenting onslaught of vegetation and the occasional tasty snack that comes their way. Famous for being a tank commander in a past life and a handsome sheep - very proud of that.